What's Really In Your Vitamins?


If you have ever wondered what’s the best brand of vitamin or whether the more expensive ones are any better then here is a website you need to know about.

ConsumerLab.com is an independent testing laboratory that analyzes what is really in those vitamins and over-the-counter supplements.  The results can be surprising.  Many supplements contain little or none of the advertised ingredients.  Some contain dangerous toxins and contaminants.  And price doesn’t seem to guarantee purity.

In their latest report, ConsumerLab.com examined many of the popular multi-vitamins and found that almost a third did not have the level of nutrients they claim on their labels.  Some others had too much of certain vitamins which can be potentially dangerous.  The good news is that some of the best vitamins were also the least expensive.

Princeton Longevity Center highly recommends this website to help you choose safe and cost-effective supplements.

David Fein, MD
Medical Director