PLC Patient Education Video :: What is a Coronary Artery Calcium Score?

The 5 Second Test that Could Save Your Life… Or Just Give You Peace of Mind

Daniel Karlsberg, MD, FACC discusses the basic of a coronary calcium score.

Learn how this simple heart scan detects coronary artery disease before you have a heart attack.


A coronary CT angiogram is a computed tomography scan of the heart.  In this test, we look specifically at the coronary arteries and are able to detect coronary calcification and plaque, which is responsible for most heart attacks.  The coronary calcium score is a well validated test as an independent marker of risk for cardiac events, cardiac mortality, and all-cause mortality.  In addition, the coronary calcium score is able to provide prognostic information. This simple test takes about 120 seconds to perform and does not require specific preparation.  It is totally painless and is an important component of your comprehensive evaluation at the Princeton Longevity Center.  Detecting coronary calcification early to further risk stratify patients is a central concept in preventive cardiology and is an example of truly individualized preventive medicine.