Welcome to July!

Time to get back outside and get active again!

Sweltering heat, the breeze of cool waters, the smell of sunblock and the sounds of laughter and fun outdoors, and….no more sweatpants??? Now that public recreational spots are opening again, it’s time to brush off the dust, shake out the gym shorts, stretch those muscles, and get back out there doing everything you love! But what has the Netflix binges, eating take out on the couch, and staying in more than we are used to done to our body composition?


At Princeton Longevity Center, we take your total body health to heart, and part of our testing circuit includes a full body scan in the DEXA for your lean body mass, bone density, and fat storage levels. But not all fat is created equal, did you know that? Visceral Fat, the fat surrounding your organs, plays a very specific role in your metabolic health!

By  the end of July, you will understand what visceral fat is in comparison to the fat that we are already aware of, to how to measure it, to distinguish what it means to hold fat in different parts of your body for your metabolism, what to do about it, and sample a workout demo to blast the fat!

Get ready to go on your post-COVID- fat- blasting journey with Princeton Longevity Center!