Weight Loss Tricks

Donna Hayek, RD

DO NOT GO ON A DIET: rather, make a LIFESTYLE change. Diets don’t work; especially yo-yo
dieting. As soon as you go off the diet, the weight comes back and more. Rather, eat whole
foods; not processed foods, limit the times eating away from home; thus, cook home-cooked
meals more often. Adhere to portion sizes and consume a protein and carbohydrate with all
meals and snacks.

DEPRESSION: mood disorders can lead to weight gain by eating more when you are depressed
and the foods that are eaten at this time tend to be processed. Therefore, exercise more to
increase your endorphins and take your anti-depressant meds.

PRESERVE MUSCLE MASS: after age 30 we all start to lose muscle mass and bone density;
which can cause weight gain. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn at
rest since muscle is more metabolically active than fat. So, it is recommended to do weight-
bearing exercises which will also build bone. Also, make sure that you are consuming enough
protein to preserve muscle mass. (Calculate your weight in kilograms-that will tell you how
many grams of protein to consume each day).

STAY AWAY FROM DIET SODA: the more you drink, the more your body wants and the more
added weight you will gain. Decrease gradually and add water or seltzer in place of it.

MEDICATIONS: some medications can cause weight gain and make you feel hungrier. Speak
with your doctor or pharmacist to know the side effects of your medications.

DON’T JUST DO AEROBIC EXERCISE: adding weight (resistance) training will decrease weight by
increasing your metabolism.

GET ENOUGH SLEEP: not getting enough sleep can make you snack more; especially on
processed foods. Also, staying up late will make you feel hungry because you are still awake
and making up sleep on the weekends does not count. You should go to bed & get up the same
time every day!