Ultimate Athlete Program

Olympic-Level Athletic Testing & Programming For The Aspiring, Competitive Or Professional Athlete

Whether your goal is to take 5 seconds off your race or find your “Inner-Athlete” and get in the best shape of your life – Princeton Longevity Center’s Ultimate Athlete Programs will help you get there. Lead by Dr. Harry Pino, Olympic Sports Performance Testing Program Advisor, these programs combine Olympic-level human performance testing, detailed expert evaluation, hands-on program management and a hardcore Medical Evaluation for next-level results.

Special programming is available for:
  • Marathon & Trail Runners
  • Triathletes
  • Track & Field
  • Iron Man
  • CrossFit
  • Cyclists
  • Baseball Players
  • Golfers
  • Tennis Players
  • And More!

No other sports performance program offers such an in-depth look into your health and uses the latest Olympic-level human performance testing and program management to reach your athletic goals.

Princeton Longevity Center believes everyone, no matter their fitness level or exercise history, has an “Inner Athlete”. With direction, training and support, we can help you find yours.

Your Ultimate Athlete Program includes:

PLC’s Renowned Comprehensive Health Assessment
Being in top shape starts from the inside out. Even the most elite athletes can’t outrun their genetic predispositions to health problems. Princeton Longevity Center’s advanced testing will give you the confidence you need to start your path to ultimate health or push your game to the next level.

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Advanced 3D Cardiac Imaging

50% of men at 40 years of age and women at 55 years of age already have plaque in their arteries – many with no symptoms, health problems or even elevated cholesterol. Your program starts with the most advanced cardiac imaging available to ensure silent problems are discovered early and addressed so you can max out your personal training program as safely as possible.

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Full Body Vascular Scan

Our state of the art imaging gets an accurate look inside your body and provides stunningly detailed images of organs and blood vessels to detect evidence of the earliest stages of many diseases years before any other test.

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Resting Metabolic Rate

RMR determines the amount of energy, or calories, your body uses at rest and allows us to analyze how much oxygen your body uses and produces to determine caloric expenditure and energy substrate utilization in a resting state. RMR influences diet and fitness recommendations to maximize your training.

Aerobic Capacity Test (VO²max)

Learn just how efficient you are at using energy supplies for a long run, ride, swim, and more. VO²max calculates the maximal rate at which your heart and lungs are able to provide oxygen to exercising muscles, and how much work your muscles are able to do while using that oxygen as the primary energy source. This test is also the leading indicator of aerobic fitness and health status and will help you discover which energy systems you need to work on to improve your performance.

Biomechanical & Program-Specific Motion Analysis

Improve performance, prevent potential injuries and enhance your training with a biomechanical video analysis to examine specific characteristics of body mechanics. Athletes are filmed simulating movements of their sport using high definition software to capture joint angles and body kinematics at each phase of movement. Our specialists also perform testing to identify asymmetries, weaknesses, and limitations.

Lactate Acid Threshold Testing

Perfect your training with Lactate Threshold Testing and determine the point at which your body can no longer supply oxygen for energy. Maxing out leads to increased intra-muscular lactate production, which is the primary marker for fatigue onset. Lactate Threshold is used to determine baseline fitness and training zones to improve performance, as well as subsequent testing to track training program effectiveness.

​Sports Nutrition Evaluation

Fuel your work-outs and recovery with specific and actionable dietary recommendations from a trained Registered Dietician. We address all of your nutritional needs, including in-season and off-season guidance, information on nutritional supplements, optimal nutrient timing, and weight loss considerations, as well as what to eat before, during, and after competition.

Ongoing Program Management & Re-Assessment

Along with unlimited email contact with your Exercise Physiologist and Registered Dietitian for ongoing support, you’ll also have a quarterly on-site re-assessment and testing to ensure your program is helping you reach your maximum potential.