Trick Your Mind Get and Stay Motivated in the Gym

Exercise makes you feel and look great. It releases endorphins and dopamine which give you a sense of accomplishment and reward when it is over. So why is it so hard to take that first step and get moving? Your head has a lot to do with that. When you don’t work out and your body is used to saving energy and resisting fat loss, your brain will also believe that exercise is not needed and you cannot fully involve yourself in the activity.

If it is easy to subconsciously allow your body and brain to think that way, it is just as easy to reverse those thoughts. Cues throughout your day such as your sneakers, gym bag or even a short walk at lunch can help remind you that your workout is waiting.

Another great way to start and stay motivated is having to be held accountable. Checking in or logging your workouts to a website, diary or blog will give you motivation as well as reminders when you do or do not workout. Exercising with a partner who is at your same fitness level will help you set realistic goals, maintain motivation and give a little competition.

Changing up your workout is always beneficial to beating boredom but doing something like high intensity interval training will also give you a quick blast of energy and feel good hormones while being done in a shorter amount of time. A workout like this may include sprints or hills to help spike the heart rate, and then give you a natural recovery.

Once you become acquainted with the gym and your exercise habits, teach someone else a few moves, skills or workouts. This will help to push you harder while also allowing you to feel proud and accomplished with your hard work!