Top Fitness Trend of 2016

Every year, the American College of Sports Medicine puts out a Top 20 Fitness Trends survey that includes clinical, commercial, community and corporate divisions of the industry.  This year, the number one trend came up as “Wearable Technology”.

This category includes fitness trackers, smart watches, GPS and heart rate monitors.  Some of the major companies include FitBit, Apple and Garmin to name a few.  Take a look below at some of the benefits of this number one trend and see how you can implement these into your workout or lifestyle.

Accountability.  Depending on what tracker you own, it can record steps, heart rate, calories and even how long you have been inactive for.  This is a great tool to compete against yourself with what you did yesterday or just your goals to move more.  It is also beneficial in competing with others in your office to take the most steps or burn the most calories throughout the day!

Variety.  There are so many different trackers that you can find the best one for your personal goals.  If you are a runner or biker that loves to explore new trails, a GPS would allow you to add change into your usual route.  If you are simply trying to move more while sitting at your desk all day, a tracker with a pedometer would be great to get moving after sitting for too long.

Sleep.  As you may know, sleep is beneficial for all areas of our life and is the time our muscles rebuild and replenish.   Some trackers can now determine your quality of sleep, your cycles and how much you move throughout the night.  This can be beneficial in seeing how much rest and recovery you are actually getting.

Heart Rate.  Tracking heart rate is a great tool to monitor the intensity of your workout.  Working with a health professional, you can determine your target heart rate zones based on your age and resting heart rate.  This will provide a more accurate work zone to work in for your goals.

Your first step to finding the right fitness tracker for you is to set new goals and see which one will keep you on track best!

For a full list of the 2016 trends, follow the link below!