Titanium Program

Princeton Longevity’s Titanium Exam includes our most popular electives packaged with a 6 month on-site follow-up and a discounted rate.

Start with the comprehensive PLC exam, a full-day overview of your health that will help detect early cancers and other “silent killers,” as well as other underlying issues that you may not have even known were happening inside of your own body.

Among the electives included in this package, get a closer look at your heart health as we assess the existence of unwanted plaque build up in your arteries, as well as a detailed look at your body’s circulatory system for any existing or potential blockages. Also included is a look at your overall sexual health and wellness, creating a well-rounded package to help you get your health exactly where you want it.

This package includes the PLC Comprehensive Exam, plus:

o Follow up Fitness or Nutrition Consult

o Body Composition Analysis

o Aerobic Fitness Measurement