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Patient Testimonials

Princeton Longevity Center strives to provide the highest level of care and service for our patients.

Princeton Longevity Center offers the most effective exams for early disease detection and treatment. 

Below are some of our recent patient testimonials and reviews:

Michael M

The thoroughness of the process and the concierge level of the attention combine to make this an exemplary experience.

Mark B

The quality of the scans was truly amazing. The staff was extremely friendly, professional and helpful. Highly recommended!

Mary L

The team was amazing. All very knowledgeable, extremely attentive and pleasant. Everything was explained in simple terms and can tell the team loves what they do. Thank you!

Michael B

The program was exactly what I was after. A quick, thorough, concise health exam where I got same day results and did not have to wait weeks for doctors answers. Excellent peace of mind without the stress of waiting on test results.

Kerry S

This was my second PLC exam and this time I brought my wife. The overall experience was excellent and the ability to have a comprehensive exam and be able to spend quality time with a doctor to review the results and discuss implications, next steps, etc.

Frank S

Excellent experience. Did not feel rushed by anyone I met with. More comprehensive than prior exec physical and a big plus to get test results same day, so it can be incorporated into discussion.

Kenneth B

This is the second year I have had an annual physical with PLC. I continue to be extremely impressed and happy with the exam. Last year some potential issues were identified that I was able to follow-up on. The completeness of the exam gives me great peace of mind

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