Tantalizing Ten Minute Lunches – Take Back the Ten!

Our daily routines have changed and now many of us work remotely. Those working in person have found lunch choices out are limited and thus, are toting our lunch to work! Balancing family, work and the temptation of a nearby fridge is more challenging than ever. Many report they have gained 10 pounds or more. With a little focus and planning you can take back the ten pounds gained and revitalize healthful eating for you and your family!

Refueling mid-day should include:  ( 2  1/2 -3 oz portion) protein to keep you full and satisfied,  carb (1-2 servings) for all that brain action taking place and plenty of veggies ( 2+ servings) and fruit and (one serving) to get those needed antioxidants and vitamins to seal the deal! Studies show that eating every 3-4 hours can decrease impulsive poor choices, mindless snacking and help manage weight. Here are a few ideas for tasty, easy lunches that will energize your body, ignite your taste buds and keep your waist-line in check. 

Quick 10 minute prep to enjoy mid-day or prepare the evening before:

Salmon Sesame Lettuce Wraps

Place 4 large Bibb lettuce leaves placed in lidded container.

In second lidded container, mix:

  • One 2.5 oz.  pouch bone-less, skinless pink salmon
  • 1 Tbsp. light Asian toasted sesame salad dressing
  • 2Tbsp sliced scallions
  • 1 tsp. fresh cilantro.

In additional lidded containers or baggies store:

  • 1/4. C shredded carrot
  • 1 Tbsp. toasted slivered almonds in additional containers.

As a side dish, ¾ c. pineapple. (or melon cubes) .

Refrigerate all until mealtime.**

To Serve:
Two stacks of 2 leaves, spoon salmon mixture on lettuce; top with carrots & almonds. Fruit on the side. So Tasty enjoy!

~ CAL 305,  CARB 26g, ( fiber 4, sugars 18g), FAT 14g (sat. fat 2g), PROTEIN 21 g, CHOL 58 mg, SODIUM 407mg.  

 *Other options:

  • 2.5 oz. pouch albacore tuna
  • 1Tbsp. light mayonnaise
  • 1 tsp. lemon juice
  • sprinkle of garlic powder and ground black pepper.
Try ½ green/red bell pepper cut strips and 14 thin nut crackers (such as Hint of Salt Nut Thins) and a fresh peach or apple.

Upside down Spicy Taco Salad for two:

Layer each item, divide into 2 containers (to-go) or covered bowls ready to eat.


  • 1Tbsp. plain non-fat yogurt
  • 2 Tbsp. favorite spicy salsa or light fiesta ranch salad dressing
  • A pinch of salt and pepper (place on the bottom)


  • 2/3 C. halved cherry tomatoes and ½ c. chopped yellow peppers  
  • 1/2. C.  guacamole (like Wholly Guacamole) or ½ fresh avocado sliced.
  • ½ C. rinsed, no-salt-added black beans.
  • ¾ C. cubed cooked chicken breast
  • 3 C. chopped romaine lettuce (other favorite green)

Top with green onions and cilantro if desired. Refrigerate all until mealtime.**

 At mealtime, shake the sealed container to mix and Enjoy! Beeelicous!

Serves 2:   3 cups each.~ CAL 265,  CARB 19 g,  (Fiber 6 g, Sugars 4 g), FAT 11 g, (sat. fat 2 g), PRO 21 g, CHOL 41 mg, SODIUM 338mg.

Hummus Veggie Wrap     

Spread 2 Tbsp. original or flavored hummus (choose one with < 150 mg sodium) onto an 8-inch low-carb whole wheat/whole grain wrap.  

Fill with:

  • 1/3 c fresh spinach
  • 1/4c c cucumber slices, shredded carrots and shelled edamame (or other veggies and legumes available)
  • Add 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh basil
  • 1Tbsp. crumbled feta.  

Fold wrap over the filling and rollup tightly. Cut in half and wrap in foil or plastic.

Place ¾ c grapes in airtight container.**Refrigerate all until mealtime.

Serves 1: One wrap and side of grapes. ~CAL 270, CARB 43g (fiber 11g, sugars 20 g), FAT 9 g (sat. fat 2g), PROTEIN 15 g, CHOL 8mg, SODIUM 344mg.

For other options use other fresh herbs or graded hard-cheese, have some fun, be creative!  

**Refrigerate all until mealtime, or until packing to-go in an insulated lunch bag w/ a frozen ice pack for up to 5 hours.

Source: Marzen, Laura  RD., “10-Minute Lunches,”  Diabetic Living. Fall 2020