Super Seeds

With 50-60 flavorful calories per tablespoon, seeds are loaded with fiber, protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.  Chia, hemp and sesame seeds are examples of seeds that PLC Dietitians have been suggesting to some of our clients.  Here’s why:

Chia seeds:  Study results have been mixed, but these antioxidant and fiber-rich seeds may help with hunger control.  Add 1-2 tablespoons of whole chia seeds to cereal, smoothies, sauce and into batter for baked goods and you may feel satisfied for a longer stretch of time.  Some even mix chia seeds with a few ounces of water and drink this before a meal to potentially help with portion control.

Hemp seeds:  These seeds have a similar taste to sunflower seeds.  They are a great protein source and can be used to boost the protein content of a meal or snack while adding healthy omega-3 fat as well.  Sprinkle hemp seeds into yogurt, cereal or salads.  You can also try a hemp protein shake like those made by Nutiva.

Sesame seeds:  Sesame seeds are rich in blood pressure-controlling minerals like magnesium and calcium.  Not just for bagels, sesame seeds can also be used for coating fish or chicken (instead of bread crumbs) and can be sprinkled onto cooked vegetables or into cooked grains.