Standing maintains current weight and reduces health risks.  The calories burned standing are not that different from sitting, but they do add up over time.  When you are on your feet, muscle mass is activated, therefore leading to burning more calories.  If muscle mass is increased, most of the time fat mass is decreased.

Calories are in a range since it is dependent on sex, age, height, and weight. Standing burns an average of 70-95 calories each hour.  Sitting burns 65-85 calories each hour.  Males burn more calories than females since men have more muscle mass.  The more muscle mass someone has, the faster they will burn calories.  That’s why resistance training is so important.  Don’t look at the number on the scale, rather see how your clothes are fitting.

Metabolism and the number of calories the body needs daily can change based on your muscle mass, weight, height, and age. Standing also builds muscle tone.  Your creative problem-solving ability is also improved. So, start with 10-15 minutes a day and increase it from there.


At Work:

  • Purchase a standing desk or treadmill desk
  • Stand while on the phone
  • Stand up at meetings, if working from home
  • If sitting all day at work, set an alarm to stand up every 30 minutes


At Home:

  • Walk around the house every 30 minutes
  • Stand while using the phone (talk/text)
  • Walk outside before or after dinner
  • Stand when watching TV


To find out your daily caloric usage, go to the following website: (click “Handy”, then click BMR)