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In anticipation of my children’s fall sport schedule, long practices, and even the travel time to get to get them to practice, I am getting my exercise gear ready and scoping out the practice field for a little me time. Being there for your child(ren) is not just about sitting and watching their activity but leading by example…Exercise while they are exercising (at least part of the time).

Creating the exercise program. Objects you can use are picnic tables, benches, steps, hills, loops (out and back), track/trail, railings, playground, and/or clear area.

Exercise List. Squat, Lunge, Push-Up, Plank variations, Burpee, Sun Salutations, Abdominal Crunch, Step Ups, Jog, Walk.

Exercise Script:

  1. Warm-up with quick walk, 3-5 minutes.
  2. Squat 15X
  3. Walk/Jog, 5 minutes
  4. Push-ups 15X
  5. Walk/Jog, 5 minutes
  6. Sun Salutations 10. There are many variations, keep it simple and dynamic; Hinge forward to Plank-Downward Facing Dog-Plank-Low Push-up-Downward Facing Dog
  7. Walk/Jog to nearest bench or steps
  8. Step ups on bench 25X on each leg
  9. Walk/Jog 5 minutes
  10. Abdominal Crunch 20X Perform on bench or grassy clear area
  11. Complete in reverse back to where you began.

Challenge Exercise Script: Need more of a challenge, try this.

  1. Warm-up with Traveling Plank Walkouts 20X. Add a push-up on the last 10
  2. Walk/Jog 2 minutes
  3. Walking Lunges Body Twist 24 total
  4. Walk/Jog 2 minutes
  5. Sun Salutation Burpee 10X – Jump back to Plank  – 3 push-ups-Downward Facing Dog-Jump feet to hands and jump to stand and repeat.
  6. Walk/Jog 2 minutes
  7. Side Plank Walking 10X to the right
  8. Side Plank Walking 10X to the left
  9. Walk/Jog 2 minutes
  10. Squat jumps 12X
  11. Walk/Jog 2 minutes and Complete in reverse back to where you began.

Remember to cool down and stretch after you exercise. Find a tree to lean against and stretch upper and lower body!

Exercise demonstrations can be found on