Should You Sweat it Out?

This is the season for flu, colds and viruses.  Some think that sweating the sickness out may help benefit them by clearing the toxins and refreshing their systems however experts say you should reduce the intensity if you do workout and if you are really ill or dragging, skip the squats and just rest.

You cannot “sweat out” a virus or illness and it can be potentially dangerous depending on if you have had fluid loss, weakness or stomach issues.

If you are suffering from a light head cold or sore throat, experts say that a little exercise may boost the immune system and  give you some clarity, even if it just getting fresh air outside during a walk or jog but if you have the flu, that is another story.

If you try to work out when your body is already weakened severely, you will just make it worse and prolong your recovery time.  If you don’t allow your body to fully rest and recover before getting back into your daily routine, you risk staying sick for the season since the virus never fully goes away.

Exercise is a stressor, so why add more on top of an already stressed body?  Be sure to evaluate your symptoms and diagnosis before lacing up your sneakers!