Research access at a big price?

Here at the Princeton Longevity Center, it is our job to keep up on the latest research in all aspects of health related fields, so we can disseminate sound advice, based on the studies and research performed in the US and abroad. If we want our patients to continue to improve their health and lifestyle choices, we need to have reasonable access to the information that can change lives.

Recently two members of Congress have introduced HR 3699, the Research Works Act. This bill would prevent the National Institutes of Health or any other agency from causing or even allowing private-sector research work to be disseminated online without prior consent of both the publisher and the study authors—even if the funding came from our tax dollars. (from The Alliance for Natural Health)

Please take action and fill out this simple form which will be sent to your local politicians to voice your displeasure with the proposed Act.  If passed, health professionals and the public alike will have to pay as much as $30 apiece for access to scientific journal research articles.  Think about that for a moment…didn’t taxpayers fund the research already?

Your support is greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best scientifically backed health information!

Chris Volgraf, CSCS, HFS, CGFI-2

Senior Exercise Physiologist