Refresh Your Exercise Routine

By combining a few exercises, you can create a fresh take on your exercise program and inspire your fitness enthusiasm. Add this quick workout to your day a few times a week for a refresh of new ideas.

Tabata is an interval style workout that involves 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest (as you get ready for the next exercise). Using a timer, there is no need to count repetitions allowing a greater focus on intensity and form. You can take this workout anywhere and the exercises can be performed with or without equipment. Workouts are 4-8 minutes (you could even make them longer).

What you Need:

  1. Tabata App: There are several. I use Interval Timer – Timing for HIIT Training and Workouts (from Deltaworks) FREE. There are several with many bells and whistles. This one is simple and quick to use. I can set it to music. The convenience of a timer makes a huge difference in my focus and intensity.
  2. Exercise list
  3. Equipment (if any)

Sample Tabata Workout 1: REPEAT #1 through #4 four times. (4 rounds = 8 minutes)

  1. Prisoner Squats – Squat with hands behind head
  2. Push-ups
  3. Burpee
  4. Dips

Sample Tabata Workout 2: REPEAT #1 through #4 four times. (4 rounds = 8 minutes)

  1. Alternating Reverse Lunges (Step Back Lunge)
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Abdominal – Bicycle Crunches
  4. Squat Jumps

Sample Tabata Workout 3: REPEAT #1 through #4 four times. (4 rounds = 8 minutes)

  1. Right Lateral Lunge with Knee Lift – Lunge right and upon returning to start position load weight in left leg and lift right knee, lunge right and repeat on other side.
  2. Left Lateral Lunge with Knee Lift
  3. Plank Tap/Jacks – While holding a plank, step feet or hop feet wide.
  4. Plank Walkout – From standing, hinge forward and walk arms out to plank or further.