PLC Partners

Pinnacle Care

For individuals and families, PinnacleCare offers personalized health care support for you and your family 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For Employers and Groups, PinnacleCare produces better outcomes driven by expert medical intelligence and provider access.

When faced with a serious or complex medical diagnosis, knowing where to go, how to get in fast, and having a dedicated resource for coordination of your care can make a world of difference. Princeton Longevity Center’s Powered by PinnacleCare Partnership can provide our patients with:

  • A PinnacleCare health advisor and support team to advocate and manage all of their healthcare needs.

  • Comprehensive Research Reports for your specific medical issues with state-of-the-art treatment recommendations

  • Facilitated Appoint Access to the leading experts across the country

  • Virtual Consultations for second opinions from world-renowned medical institutions

And much more…

Princeton Longevity Center is proud to be the first in the Northeast to offer Cleerly Coronary, the most precise tool to identify and track disease early, when heart attacks can be prevented.

Cleerly Coronary applies Artificial Intelligence technology that analyzes coronary CT Angiography scans to go beyond traditional measures of heart disease. This technology enables Princeton Longevity Center to non-invasively create a comprehensive and detailed quantification and characterization of plaque build-up in each of the heart arteries.

A Cleerly Coronary comprehensive evaluation of coronary artery disease can dramatically improve identification of at-risk patients and allow Princeton Longevity Center to precisely track the progression of plaque in your arteries.  The result is a revolutionary individualized approach to your treatment to help slow, stop or even reverse your plaque and prevent heart attacks.

PRECEDE, the Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Consortium, is an international group of 35 centers working together to transform risk assessment and early detection and prevention of pancreatic cancer.

Princeton Longevity Center is proud to partner with PRECEDE and the Pancreatic Cancer Center at NYU Langone  Perlmutter Cancer Center. Their programs aim to advance the detection and treatment of pancreatic cancer to transform the landscape of this disease and improve survival rates. The center is establishing a first-of-its-kind program for early detection and prevention.This includes a research initiative to identify biomarkers of abnormal pancreatic cells to allow intervention before they become invasive cancer cells. The goal is to develop new treatment paradigms to markedly delay or prevent the formation of pancreatic cancer in high-risk individuals.

With this collaborative effort, PRECEDE aims to better identify who is at risk of pancreatic cancer and increase the survival of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer to 50% in the next 10 years.

Well By Durst

Well& By Durst is a new amenity brand for The Durst Organization’s residential and commercial properties. Guided by The Durst Organization ethos of sustainability, Well& By Durst is a constantly evolving experience designed to energize, inspire and connect people in a healthy and productive environment. Well& By Durst includes a healthy cuisine program, available at our offices at One World Trade Center, curated by Executive Chef Michael Schmutzer.

Curated event programming offers tenants classes, lectures, and workshops to reignite creative sparks and to educate and guide healthy living and wellness.