Olive Oil May Lower Stroke Risk

A new study published this week in the journal Neurology shows that high consumption of Olive Oil may decrease the risk of strokes in older people.

Strokes are the third most common cause of death in the US, after heart disease and cancer. The risk of a stroke doubles with each decade starting in the mid-50’s. Strokes are closely linked to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors.  Prior studies have show that eating a Mediterranean Diet may be associated with a decrease in both stroke and heart attack risk.

Researchers at the University of Bordeaux followed 7,625 participants for 6 years.  Those with the highest use of Olive Oil had a 41% decrease in the occurrence of strokes.  This study only shows an association between eating Olive Oil and lowering stroke risk.  It does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship.  On the other hand, putting a bit more Olive Oil in your diet, especially when done in place of less healthy oils, is tasty and likely is a low risk for other side effects.

Click on this link to read the abstract of the study in Neurology

David Fein, MD
Medical Director
Princeton Longevity Center