New Study Highlights the Power of Heart Scans

A new study published in the latest issue of the medical journal Lancet shows that a CT Heart Scan is a better predictor of heart attack risk than cholesterol levels or C-Reactive Protein.  Heart Scans provide a direct look at the coronary arteries to see if there is plaque developing that can lead to heart attacks.  Cholesterol and C-Reactive Protein levels are “risk factors” for heart disease but only give a rough indication of whether you might already have plaque.

If a CT Heart Scan shows that you have coronary artery disease, regardless of your cholesterol level or C-Reactive Protein, treatment can be started with lifestyle changes or medication to help lower your risk.  If there is no disease present then, even though your cholesterol level or C-Reactive Protein level may be elevated, your risk is so low that treating your cholesterol level with medication may not be justified.

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David A Fein, MD
Medical Director
Princeton Longevity Center