Navigating the Journey to Wellness: Tina Powell’s Year of Health with Princeton Longevity Center

Even when you are feeling good, staying active, and living your healthiest life, you may still need to listen to that inner voice compelling you to take a deeper look. Just ask Tina Powell, Chief of Community and Powerhouse Marketer at, whose “year of health” started with an unexpected cancer diagnosis and turned into a profound journey of resilience, strength, and a redefined perspective on health and well-being.

“I declared 2023 the year of health… I made an appointment with the Princeton Longevity Center. The Director of the Center, Dr. David Fein is a real pioneer.”

A Titanium Comprehensive Exam at Princeton Longevity Center

Having recently sold her business in November 2022, Tina Powell embarked on a mission to prioritize her health. She chose the Princeton Longevity’s Titanium Exam to start her wellness journey. Little did she know that her day at PLC would become a pivotal moment in her life. The preventive testing she underwent on MLK day in 2023 unearthed a 2.1 cm tumor on her right lung, propelling Tina into an unexpected cancer diagnosis and treatment and a road to recovery that inspires us all.

A Conversation with Tina Powell

In an exclusive interview with Diana Britton, managing editor at, Tina Powell shares her incredible story – a narrative of facing an unexpected cancer diagnosis, undergoing treatment, and emerging on the other side with newfound wisdom and confidence.

Key Insights from Tina’s Journey:

  • What Lead Up to Making Her Appointment: Tina delves into how she made the decision as a healthy, driven, and successful person to take control of her health
  • Why She Chose the “Full Blown” Titanium Package: From blood tests to imaging to personalized review of results, Tina walks you through her day culminating with a life-changing finding.
  • Being Your Own Advocate: Tina emphasizes the need to be proactive about personal health, urging individuals to advocate for their well-being 
  • Going Public with the Diagnosis: Tina explores her decision to share her diagnosis publically, aiming to alter the narrative surrounding lung cancer and inspiring others to prioritize their health.
  • The Power of Vulnerability: Through vulnerability and humor, Tina found strength and support, underscoring the transformative power of opening up and seeking connections during challenging times.

“(This cancer) could have been germinating in your system for 20 years.”

One-Day Comprehensive Testing:

Tina’s journey reveals how a seemingly healthy woman with no significant symptoms discovered a 2.1 cm cancerous tumor on her lung, demonstrating the importance of comprehensive preventive testing, even when symptoms aren’t apparent. Luckily for Tina, all testing was done in one day at the Princeton Longevity Center, providing same-day results so she was able to take action with her diagnosis right away. 

“If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer. It doesn’t matter if you smoke or not.”