Movements Not Muscles

Many people are looking for the perfect workout…you know the workout that maximizes lean mass gains, improves mobility and stability and burns the most fat. Sometimes we need to keep things simple with our workouts to achieve all three.  I am here to tell you that if you simply train how humans move, you will indeed achieve the 3 goals listed above.  Train with Movements and Not Muscles!!!  Here is a list of the ways humans move with example exercises to accompany each movement. 

  1. Vertical Push–Shoulder Press or Push Press
  2. Vertical Pull–Pull Ups or Lat Pulldowns
  3. Horizontal Push–Chest Press or Medicine Ball Chest Pass
  4. Horizontal Pull–Seated Row or Bent Over Row
  5. Core Stability–Planks or Side Planks
  6. Lower Body Press–Squats or Deadlifts
  7. Hip Hinge–Romanian Deadlifts
  8. Lunges–Forward, Reverse, 45 degree or Lateral 
  9. Walk/Run/Sprint–Kind of self explanatory…
  10. Carry–Farmers Walks and Fireman Walks
  11. Jumping–Box jumps, Jump Rope or Vertical or Broad Jump

As you can see, there is not much more to how humans move…so why should there be more to your workout.  If you perform your corrective foam rolling exercises and dynamic warm-ups before hand and your foam rolling and static stretching post exercise, you may have just discovered the perfect workout!