Nationally Recognized Preventive Medicine Center Develops Program to Identify and Address the
Treatable Causes of Memory and Cognitive Health Degeneration

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Princeton, NJ, July 16, 2014 / Princeton Longevity Center, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic’s premier Preventive Medicine Center, announces their Memory and Cognitive Health Program to detect the treatable problems that lead to memory loss and reduced cognitive function and identify reduced function that comes with normal aging.

Not all memory problems are a sign of dementia. And even in those who do develop dementia, Alzheimer’s disease accounts for only about 50% of cases. Treatable vascular disease accounts for up to 40% of older adults with memory impairment. Many of the remaining cases turn out to be related to other identifiable underlying causes that can be corrected.


The Princeton Longevity Center’s Memory & Cognitive Health Program helps to identify whether the
memory changes patient’s are concerned about are as simple as problems with sleep disturbances or too
much stress or the early signs of a more serious problem. This program includes Princeton Longevity’s
renowned Comprehensive Exam with advanced testing and same-day results.

During the Memory & Cognitive Health exam, patients will have nearly two hours of time with a physician, NeuroPsychometric Testing, Detailed Laboratory Evaluation, Sleep Health Evaluation and At-Home Sleep Apnea Screening, Advanced Cardiac Heart Scan and much more.  The advanced Memory & Cognitive Health program offers
additional testing like Quantitative Brain MRI and Genetic Screenings.

For patients identified with true cognitive impairment, advanced PET/CT Amyloid Imaging is available to provide early detection of the accumulation of abnormal proteins in the brain that are indicative of developing Alzheimer’s

As a leader in high-level Comprehensive Physical Exams, Princeton Longevity Center also employs the
latest early disease detection technology for other “silent killers” like cancers, aneurysms and heart
attacks. As part of their leading exam, they provide each patient with a unique and individualized plan
for addressing health issues that are discovered as part of their one-day exam and can head off many of the
problems that lead to early aging and death.

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