At Princeton Longevity Center, the medically assisted weight loss program is specifically devised for individuals who have struggled to lose weight through diet and exercise alone, and feel they need the additional aid of weight loss medications to help them achieve their health goals.  

The medication-assisted weight loss program offers not just the latest weight loss medications, but the lifestyle coaching you will need to maximize the benefits and maintain a healthy weight. It is important to note weight loss medications, as effective as they are, are another tool to help people lose weight. These medications were not designed to work alone, but along with healthy, sustainable eating habits and regular physical activity for maximum results.  Not all facilities that prescribe weight loss medications offer a comprehensive program that includes working with medical doctors and Registered Dietitians (RDs) to ensure your success.

The lifestyle coaching is provided by one of our highly skilled Registered Dietitians (RDs) who have experience working with people who are taking medications – like Qsymia, Ozempic (Wegovy), and Mounjaro (Zepbound). The RDs are well-versed in how these medications work, their potential side effects, pitfalls, and how to manage them. They are also experts in coaching people towards achieving lifelong healthy eating and exercise habits so you don’t just lose weight, you keep it off for good! The consultations with the RDs are remote (via Zoom). In addition, we will perform lab tests and body composition analysis (to make sure you are losing excess body fat and not losing calorie-burning muscle.

Our medically supervised program with expert nutrition coaching, body composition analysis, and remote consultations –  is what makes our program different from all the rest and highly effective!

Call Princeton Longevity Center, and ask one of our doctors or one of our patient care coordinators if you qualify for this unique and comprehensive weight loss program.