PLC in the News

A Sampling Of Some Of The Media’s Recognition Of Princeton Longevity Center’s Preventive Medicine Program

A Time Bomb Near My Heart

Kevin Helliker’s Pulitzer Prize Winning Account of His Visit to PLC and Life-Saving Discovery of an Aortic Aneurysm

Annual Physical Gets a Makeover

PLC Offers One of the Nation’s Most Effective & Comprehensive Exams


What Kills Billionaires

Forbes Magazine looks at how the rich stay healthy
and recognizes Princeton Longevity as one of the nation’s leading preventive medicine centers.

A Race Against My Heart

Steve McKee’s life-altering visit to Princeton Longevity Center

Five Years Younger in a Day

Andrea Petersen’s Day at PLC’s Anti-Aging Program

NJ Life

Acting Your Age

Lisa Zeidner Discovers the Value of Preventive Medicine at PLC


Healthy Returns-How to Live Longer

Eight things to do to live longer- including tips from PLC’s Medical Director, Dr David Fein.