Looking Past Six Pack Abs

When we think of the word core, we usually think of having a six pack or abs.  But your rectus abdominis muscles are only one part of many that make up your core.  There’s also your pelvic floor muscles, transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques, erecter spinae, the glutes and other lumbar muscles.

It may look nice to sport abs this summer, but having a strong core also improves sports performance, prevents injury, promotes mobility and keeps your spine healthy.  It’s all of these accessory and deeper muscles that really strengthen and promote a healthy core than the larger superficial muscles.

Having a strong core can help prevent injury.  When you have a weak core, other larger muscles take over to compensate and start to burn out and cause injuries.  It puts strain on muscles that should not be working in overtime to perform a certain task or exercise.

Having a strong core also helps with posture which in turn takes added stress off of your low back instead of being hunched over.  Even running becomes easier and more efficient.  The spine takes on a lot of stress throughout the day and is responsible for many aches and pains throughout our lives.  Improving your entire core will help improve your entire lifestyle!