Interval Training Infographic

As the Senior Exercise Physiologist at the Princeton Longevity Center, it is my job to design exercise programs that take into consideration the patient’s often hectic family/work schedule.  The number one excuse we hear is…”I don’t have enough time in my day or schedule to fit exercise in”.  Well with several different interval training methods using cardiovascular and resistance training equipment, one can fit their exercise into their day in as little as 4 min!

We already know that interval training takes less time (as if that were not reason enough!); interval training also increases metabolic rate, help us retain lean mass while losing weight, increases aerobic capacity more than steady state exercise and provides us with a higher caloric, fat burn and afterburn than steady state exercise.

For some great tips on how to incorporate interval training into your workout, click on the link below:

Chris Volgraf, CSCS
Senior Exercise Physiologist
Princeton Longevity Center