In your dreams…

The medical and sports performance fields are aware of a simple health fix that will vastly reduce your risk of disease, bring your work and athletic performance to new heights and increase your mental sharpness by leaps and bounds…what is it you ask? More sleep of course!!

Many of us are walking around sleep deprived and we don’t even know it.  Social media and work email access on our smartphones and tablets at home have made it easy for us to waist at least an hour that would be better off spent on zzzzzzzzzzz’s.  Not to mention the bright lights of our devices are throwing off our circadian rhythm prior to going to bed (easily put–light means stay awake, darkness means sleep) so its harder to fall asleep so stimulated.

Its not just the quantity of sleep either…its the quality!  Do you get enough sleep, do you get enough of the REM cycle and deep sleep? The Princeton Longevity Center has been studying the sleep of our patients for the last few years and it has helped us manage and improve our patients health literally while they sleep!! Feel free to check out to schedule an appoint to better improve your health…with your eyes closed!

In the meantime, here is a great article that explains sleep and its health benefits.

For the more athletically inclined, this article explains the performance enhancing benefits of a good nights sleep.

Good night!

Chris Volgraf, CSCS, cEP

Senior Exercise Physiologist

Princeton Longevity Center