iMapMyRun is a clear winner!

Recently I have had numerous patients inquire about the iMapMyRun iPhone app and if it is a better alternative to the GPS Watches that run $200-$500 (depending on the features you are looking for).  My answer is a resounding YES.  Here are 4 reasons I would choose iMapMyRun over a GPS watch if I already owned an iPhone or a different smart phone.

  1. No GPS watches (that I know of) act as your radio while you are exercising, the iPhone and other smart phones do. Everyone needs a soundtrack to their workout!
  2. The cost for the iMapMyRun app is free, but the sensor and heart rate monitor strap are $130 total…compare that to my personal favorite GPS Garmin 610 Touchscreen watch that totals $350 and you have yourself a bargain!
  3. Many GPS watches (especially the new Nike GPS Watch powered by TomTom) have GPS accuracy problems and are receiving a lot of bad reviews.  One of the iPhone’s strengths is it’s remarkably accurate GPS system.
  4. Please raise your hand if you have a Twitter or Facebook account…considering social media and networking are a big part of everyone’s lives these days, iMapMyRun allows the user to share the details of their workout with their friends and family via email, Twitter and Faceook with the simple press of a button.
Chris Volgraf, Senior Exercise Physiologist, CSCS