How to Deal with Muscle Soreness

Whether we are just starting out or pushed too hard at the gym, we have all had days where we are hurting and sore from our workouts. Surely the last thing you are thinking about is working out again, yet many times it’s just what you need!

After strenuous exercise, the muscle tries to repair itself and causes inflammation within the body. Adding light movement (think walking, swimming or light bike riding) will help to bring circulation to those muscles and increase blood flow, almost acting like an internal massage for your muscles.

Another way to help? Foam rolling. This will also increase blood flow to the area and flush in new “fresh” blood and oxygen to the affected area. This type of therapy can be painful, but if done on the onset of soreness, you may find you have a shorter recovery period.

Next time your feel your workout from the day before, don’t relax on the couch! Get moving, stretch and give yourself a massage with a foam roller or rolling stick!