Heart Rate Based Workout

This work out can be completed with your choice of cardio.  First, determine your maximum heart rate by using the equation 220 minus your age.  Once you have that number you will use the percentages below to determine the zones you should be in throughout the workout.   The intensity can be changed with speed, incline or both!

Stage                                                                     Time                                                                      Percentage

Warm Up 5-10 Minutes 50-70%
Interval One 2 Minutes 70-80%
Interval Two 30-60 Seconds 75-85%
Interval Three 2 Minutes 70-80%
Interval Four 30-60 Seconds 80-90%
Interval Five 2 Minutes 50-70%
Interval Six 30-60 Seconds 85-95%
Interval Seven 2 Minutes 70-80%
Interval Eight 30 Seconds 80-95%
Cool Down 5-10 Minutes 50%