Dr. Harry Pino Joins Vicky Nguyen on The Today Show

Exciting Collaboration on the Today Show: Dr. Harry Pino Tests Innovative Workout Gear

We are thrilled to share highlights from an exclusive segment on the Today Show, featuring our very own Dr. Harry Pino, FASEP, EPC, NSCA, TPI. Dr. Pino joined NBC’s Senior Consumer Investigative Correspondent, Vicky Nguyen, at our Manhattan location to test some of the latest innovations in workout gear.

During the segment, Dr. Pino assisted Vicky in evaluating high-tech resistance wear, the newest trend in fitness apparel designed to burn more calories and improve form. With his expert guidance, Vicky tested these claims and showcased how these advanced garments can potentially enhance your workout experience.

Don’t miss seeing Dr. Harry Pino in action, providing professional advice and insights on how resistance wear can make a significant difference in your fitness routine.

Watch the full segment here: Today Show Segment