Give the rower a chance

I can honestly count on one hand how many of our patients over the last 9 years have used the rowing machine for their cardio exercise.  Think about it for a moment…when’s the last time you actually witnessed a person on the “erg” (as it is often referred to) getting in their workout?  Does your fitness center even have a rowing machine?  Chances are if it does, there are only 2-3 of them at most.  Usually only a handful of people out of thousands of members at a club are in on a tiny little secret…it may be the best cardio machine in the club!  So why doesn’t anyone use it? The most common reason for the popularity of the treadmill and stationary bikes over the rowing machine is quite simple…we all know how to walk, run and bicycle, but very few of us row or were on the crew team in high school or college.  Truth be told, even most health professionals learned the proper mechanics of rowing and never use it with their clients for that very reason.  Once people find out that some of the highest aerobic capacities ever recorded belong to rowers and the rowing machine can be a great tool to help improve upper body posture, plenty of people will want to give it a try.

Check out this article and start learning about the best kept secret of cardio exercise equipment.

Chris Volgraf, CSCS

Exercise Physiologist

Princeton Longevity Center