Get Your Glutes Up!

Glute training is all the craze nowadays and for good reason! The largest and most powerful muscle group in the body, the glutes work to abduct, rotate, and extend the hip. Having strong glutes will help improve posture and enhance aesthetic appearance, decrease your risk of injury, and allow you to achieve your full athletic potential. So what’s not to love? Glutes can be trained often and respond well to high volume, up to 2-3 sessions per week. Hit them with a variety of compound, multi-joint exercises using both high and low repetition ranges.

Here is a simple glute activation warm up to try. Perform 1-2 sets of each for 10-15 repetitions prior to exercise of higher intensity :

Supine Glute Bridge                                                                                                                    Quadruped Hip Extension                                                                                                                  Quadruped Fire Hydrants                                                                                                                  Side Lying Leg Lifts

Now that you’ve successfully activated your glutes, you’re ready to really fire them up! Try performing this circuit up to 3 times per week. Perform 2-3 sets of each. If performing multiple times per week, vary your rep ranges (8-12, 12-15, etc.)

Goblet Squats

Romanian Deadlifts

Bulgarian Split Squats

Hip Thrusts