Get Away From Your Desk and Stretch

It is time to push yourself away from your desk, stand up, and stretch. Many Americans spend OVER 8 hours a day sitting and may I add with terrible posture. You are sitting all day and then you get up with an achy back, tight neck, headaches that never seem to go away, and truth is you didn’t do anything active! Our bodies were made to move so get up and reset yourself.

Sitting all day creates the forward head, rounded shoulders, hunched over posture with tight hips. For all those that have a FitBit or some sort of fitness watch will get that little buzz on their wrist to get up at least once an hour. During that time take 5-10 minute to walk around and 5 minutes to stretch. The stretches below do not take much time or space so whether you are in a cubicle or lucky enough to have your own office, take the time throughout the day (preferably every hour) to reset your posture from toe to head, in that order.