With the latest advances in genomic medicine, Princeton Longevity can individually tailor your plan for personalized prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Each of us is genetically unique. The ideal treatment for one person is very likely to be different from what is ideal for someone else.

Our Genomic Medicine Program can help to personalize your disease prevention and surveillance program, to design the best fitness program to get you in optimum shape, select your ideal nutritional plan, or even predict how you will respond to specific medications.

Your genetic profile may also reveal your risk of future cancers and other diseases. Knowing your genetic risk profile allows us to create an individualized plan for screening and prevention.

Our Genomic Medicine Program includes the following options:

Hereditary Cancer Gene Test

The power of using genetic testing for cancer prevention is that it can detect inherited diseases years before the first indication of a problem. This test will help you to understand your cancer risk better and fine-tune your screening and surveillance plan, including the type of screening, age to start and frequency of testing. With the Hereditary Cancer Gene Test you’ll get next generation sequencing that simultaneously analyzes 77 genes associated with increased risks for brain, breast, colon, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, renal, uterine, and many other cancers.

Genomic Fitness

By analyzing more than 75 genetic markers, the Genomic Fitness test can help you better understand your metabolism and response to exercise. You can learn how your genes affect the way your body processes sugars, fats, vitamins and other nutrients. Your genes can even influence your eating behaviors and food cravings.

You can use the Genomic Fitness test to:

  • Learn what types of exercise may best for you to make your workouts even more effective.
  • Help determine what type of diet will work best for your weight loss and optimal nutrition.
  • Optimize your metabolism and increase your energy level.

Genomic Healthy Weight

Research suggests that your genetics interacts with your diet and may determine metabolic traits such as body weight and nutritional deficiencies. Your diet should be tailored to your individual genetic traits. The Genomic Healthy Weight panel tests a variety of genetic markers that have been found to influence your response to diet, exercise and obesity-related health conditions. Studies have shown that genetically tailored diet plans can help you have better success at losing weight.

The Genomic Healthy Weight test can:

  • Help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Optimize your diet and exercise to improve energy and overall health.
  • Provide guidance to help you reduce your future health risks.

Genomic Healthy Woman

Genomic Healthy Woman tests a variety of genes that influence response to diet, metabolism, and exercise, as well as the propensity to develop certain health conditions.. Clinical studies have shown that individuals who follow a genetically appropriate diet lose weight more easily. The Genomic Healthy Woman test can give you a more holistic view of your health and help you achieve a more desirable weight, manage potential health conditions, as well as have powerful information as to which medications may or may not be right for you.

Genomic Heart Health

The Genomic Heart Health test analyzes unique genetic markers that can influence a broad range of heart-related conditions including your cholesterol levels, risk for hypertension, heart attacks and atrial fibrillation. Your genetics can also affect how you metabolize drugs used for preventing heart problems as well as help to predict your risk of side effects from medications such as cholesterol lowering drugs.