Our Expertise

The Experts In Preventive Medicine
Princeton Longevity Center Physicians Have Been Leaders And Pioneers In Preventive Medicine And Executive Health For More Than 30 Years.

Our expertise is why top Executives and Physicians from all over the world choose Princeton Longevity Center.

  • Princeton Longevity Center physicians have published hundreds of articles in prestigious medical journals. They have authored medical studies and written best-selling books related to preventive medicine. To see a sampling of our staff’s numerous publications while at Princeton Longevity Center, click here.
  • Princeton Longevity’s medical staff includes editors and reviewers for leading medical journals.
  • Princeton Longevity physicians lecture on prevention at international medical conferences around the world.
  • Princeton Longevity’s physicians have been leaders in teaching Cardiac CT.  We have trained hundreds of radiologists and cardiologists from around the world with our renowned Cardiac CT Courses. Our Cardiac CT Physicians are board-certified in Cardiac CT and/or meet ACCF/AHA Level 3 qualifications, the highest level of expertise.  Princeton Longevity Center’s online Cardiac CT Mastery Workshop continues our pioneering work in teaching Cardiac Imaging.
  • Princeton Longevity Center and our radiology partners are accredited by the American College of Radiology.  ACR Accreditation is recognized as the gold standard in medical imaging.
  • We specialize in prevention.  While many hospitals, corporate wellness programs, and others offer “executive exams”, it is often just a small side business for them.  Preventive Medicine is all we do and we do it well.  Hospitals do a great job of taking care of you when you are sick.  We are specialists in keeping you well and keeping you out of the hospital.

All of our Princeton Longevity Center locations offer state of the art technology in comfortable and luxurious settings.

A Princeton Longevity Exam is unlike any other Preventive Medicine Exam or Executive Health Exam:

  • Comprehensive Preventive Medicine: A Princeton Longevity Exam utilizes the most effective, evidence-based approaches to staying well. Our exams include extensive diagnostic and screening laboratory tests, cardiovascular and cancer screening imaging tests, nutritional consultations, individualized fitness assessments and exercise recommendations, and much more. It’s everything you need to start taking charge of your future health.
  • Fully Customizable: Princeton Longevity offers an extensive range of Elective Options to add to your Comprehensive Preventive Medicine Exam to ensure your day at Princeton Longevity addresses all your concerns and health risks.
  • Extensive MD Time: Each Princeton Longevity Center physician is scheduled to see no more than 3 patients each day. You meet with your physician in the morning to review your medical history and get a thorough, in-depth physical exam. Then you meet again in the afternoon to review all your testing results and recommendations for your wellness plan. You’ll have all the time you need to ask any questions and get a complete understanding of the state of your health.
  • Same Day Results: Princeton Longevity Center pioneered including Same Day Test Results in all our exams. You get all your blood tests, imaging, consultations and recommendations to take home with you. You even get a DVD with your scan images for you to view at home and to share with your other medical providers. Our patients leave our centers re-energized and enthusiastic to get their health on track.  With same day results, you can get started on your healthy lifestyle right away.
  • Expert Follow-up Care:  Your day at Princeton Longevity Center is the start of making the most of your future. From managing your cholesterol to expert health coaching to complete primary care, our Follow-up Programs can help you stay on track to optimal health.
  • 5-Star Concierge Service: At Princeton Longevity Center our mission is to make sure your every need is taken care of right from the start. Our highly trained and knowledgeable Patient Care Coordinators and our in-house Luxury Concierge Travel Agency, will guide you through every step of setting up your day at Princeton Longevity. And when you arrive for your exam, from the moment you walk in your day at Princeton Longevity Center is like no other Executive Exam. You’ll get unparalleled time, care and attention from our world-class staff in a luxurious and stress-free setting.

Princeton Longevity Center makes the most of your time and investment. It’s a world-class program with world-class expertise to help you ensure you are making the most of your future.