Exercise to Eat

With the many holidays and parties coming up, you may find that you are worried about what you are eating and what you would need to do to negate those extra calories. Look below for some common holiday foods, the calorie count and sample work out you can do to offset that extra energy!

Egg Nog: (8oz 300 calories) Run at a moderate pace for 30 minutes

Pumpkin Pie: (1/8 of pie 280 calories) Rake leaves or shovel snow for 2 hours

Apple Pie: (1/8 of pie 290 calories) Ice skate for 45 minutes

White Meat Turkey: (3oz 135 calories) Walk at a brisk pace for 20 minutes

Store Bought Stuffing: (1/2 cup 150 calories) Build a snowman for 30 minutes

Pot Roast: (3 oz 280 calories) Snow Shoe for 40 minutes

Sweet Potato Casserole: (per scoop 250 calories) Ski for 40 minutes

Mulled Wine: (8 oz 180 calories) Bootcamp for 25 minutes

Apple Cider: (8 oz 150 calories) 20 Minutes of Body Weight Exercises — Pushups, sit ups, etc

Gingerbread Cookies: (1 cookie 180 calories) Go shopping for one hour