Exercise Benefits Beyond Weightloss

Not only is it important for weight management/loss, regular exercise will improve your day to day life. As a matter of fact, with a quick Google search you will find a list of benefits of exercise such as:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved mental awareness
  • Enhanced physical strength
  • Happiness
  • And more!

People spend the a lot of their time sitting. Because of this, we have switched to a rounded shoulder posture, “sleepy” glutes, and are easily fatigued (mind and body alike). Our bodies will adapt to stress placed upon it (or lack their of). Through exercise and complimentary nutrition habits, we can fix how we handle our day to day tasks.

Higher aerobic capacity measurements, also known as VO2max, have been tied to a  decreased rate of age related mental decline. For example, aerobic exercise can stimulate the growth of cerebral blood vessels (getting more blood to the brain!\) and increase brain density (Roy, 2012).

You don’t have to coast on the elliptical for 45 minutes to improve your fitness level. A workout can be 15-20 minutes of high intensity interval training. For those just starting out, non-weight bearing activities, such as swimming or biking may be the best choice for HIIT training. However, a trained person can include weight bearing movements, which could be running sprints or strength training to their HIIT program.

In addition to aerobic exercise, resistance training will help maintain strength. Most importantly, we need to exercise to keep our power. Coupled with strength, power is how fast we can complete a certain amount of work. It is the first fitness component to go as we age! For example, we need to maintain a certain level of power to pick up our feet when we walk. Older folks that tend to drag or shuffle their feet have lost power.

Exercising in a controlled area allows us to prepare for the real world duties. The better we get at them in the gym the easier life will be to handle.

To sum it all up, exercise is a stimulus that creates positive changes to our lives. For those who have the goal of living a healthy, self-reliant lifestyle, variety is key. Together both resistance and aerobic training will improve your mental abilities, hormone balance, muscle fiber recruitment, and to be happier!


Roy, Brad.(2012, September). Exercise and the Brain More Reasons to Keep Moving. Click Here to Retrieve