Exam Components

Take Control Of Your Health And Longevity With The Princeton Longevity Comprehensive Preventive Medicine Exam.

All Princeton Longevity Comprehensive Exams include:

Thorough History And Physical Exam
  • Thorough Physician review of medical history and current health status
  • Comprehensive Head-to-Toe Physical Examination
  • Pulmonary Function Testing (Spirometry)
  • Audiometry (Hearing Screening)
  • Visual Acuity (Vision Screening)
  • Glaucoma Testing
  • Immunization Review and Administration
Full Laboratory Analysis And Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (Liver, Kidney, Electrolytes)
  • Muscle Enzyme Levels
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Sedimentation Rate
  • Hemoglobin A1c
  • Iron and Ferritin Levels
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)
  • Thyroid Function Profile
  • Complete Urinalysis
Comprehensive Cardiac Risk Assessment
  • Resting Electrocardiogram
  • Treadmill Stress Test
  • Coronary Calcium and Vascular CT Scans
  • Cardiac Risk Profile Lipid Profile:
    • Total Cholesterol
    • HDL Cholesterol
    • Direct LDL Cholesterol
    • Triglycerides
    • C-Reactive Protein
Nutritional Evaluation And Consultation
  • In-Depth Personal Consultation with Registered Dietitian
  • Body Composition Analysis by DEXA Scan
  • Computerized Analysis of 3-day Food Diary
  • Quantitative Analysis of Nutrient Intake
  • Personalized Nutrition Prescription
  • Food and Supplement Recommendations
  • Weight Management
Virtual Physical & Imaging Services
  • DEXA Bone Density and Body Composition
  • Full Body High Definition CT Scan: (as additional same-day elective)
    • Cancer Screening
    • Aneurysm Detection
    • Early Disease Discovery
  • 3D Virtual Colonoscopy (as additional same-day elective)
Fitness Assessment
  • Measurement of Aerobic Capacity
  • Biologic Fitness Age
  • Quantitative Visceral Fat Analysis
  • Body Composition and Muscle Mass Evaluation
  • Individualized Exercise Prescription
Immediate Results
  • Same-Day Review of Test Results and Medical Findings with Physician
  • Same-Day Comprehensive Written Report of Results and Recommendations
Your Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Your Detailed Road Map for Staying Healthy and Active
  • The Time You Need to Have All Your Questions Answered