Common Weight Lifting Mistakes to Avoid

Strength training is extremely important for both men and women and can aid in weight loss, bone health, energy and disease prevention.  Whether you are already following a program or you are just beginning, check out these common mistakes and how to fix them so you can avoid injury and receive the maximum benefits of your workout!

  1. Skipping a warm up.  Your muscles are stiff and cold which can lead to injury or bad form.  Instead, warm up with a lighter weight or some dynamic movements to increase circulation and range of motion in the joint.
  2. Avoiding exercises you cannot do.  Many people struggle with pushups or pull ups so they skip them.  Instead practice at least one a day and try different forms of the exercise such as using assistance.
  3. Isolating muscle groups.  Doing bicep curls are great, but they do not mimic everyday movements.  Functional training will give your body bigger benefits and aid in daily activities.  Try a squat and shoulder press instead.
  4. Performing heavy cardio before.  You can definitely warm up with some cardio or incorporate it into your weight training but running a few miles before may exhaust your muscles which can lead to poor form and injury.  Try to seperate heavier cardio days.
  5. Sticking to the Machines.  Although machines are a great way to start a program and gain strength and form, they also do not allow you to go through different ranges of motion and limit your exercises.  Instead try cables, body weight or free weights and ask a trainer to make sure you have the correct form.