Cleerly AI

AI-enabled technology allows Princeton Longevity Center to remain at the forefront of modern medical care.

Princeton Longevity Center was the first preventive medicine center to integrate Cleerly Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Care into cardiac imaging. This new and advanced technology allows us to get a highly-detailed and informed look at each coronary artery and its branches following a Coronary CT Angiography. The AI technology can clearly quantify and characterize your Coronary Artery Disease and helps our team tailor your treatment to decrease your risk of heart attack. Over time, and with serial testing, your Princeton Longevity Physician can also determine the effectiveness of your treatment to adjust your program for maximum heart attack prevention.

What is a CCTA Exam?

This type of exam, performed in conjunction with Cleerly tech, allows for a clear view of your coronary arteries to assess plaque build up. Plaque, in turn, is the buildup of fat, cholesterol and more than can reduce or even completely block blood flow.

During this exam, patients are administered an IV that injects a safe, contrast material into the body. This clearly shows blood vessels in the body when x-rays are used to grab high-quality images of your unique coronary anatomy.

Those images are then processed by Cleerly’s technology, which generates detailed results and reports that give your PLC physician all the information they need to assess your situation and begin a treatment plan for any potential signs of heart attack or heart disease.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Cleerly AI technology, view the following brochures or contact us for more information.