Choose a Better Breakfast

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! Giving your body the proper fuel in the morning is key to improving work productivity, preventing fatigue and boosting metabolism necessary for weight management (and weight loss!)

The best breakfast meal combines some protein, fat and carbohydrate rather than focusing on just one of these macronutrients. However, if you could only choose one nutrient to consume first thing in the morning, protein would be the better choice over a carbohydrate (starchy food) or fat (such as butter.)

Why? Protein takes longer to digest in the body, helping to keep you feel full for longer and forcing your metabolism to work harder to obtain the energy from protein foods. High protein foods, such as lean meats, meat substitutes such as tofu, eggs, some nuts, and dairy such as Greek yogurt, are excellent breakfast food choices.

The concept of choosing protein in the morning is backed by an article published on WebMD earlier this week, citing a study that suggests that egg protein is better at promoting satiety (feeling of fullness) and curbing hunger than wheat-based cereal. Click the link below to read this article.

Gail R. Wikler, MS, RD, CDN