Cardio Vs Weights

Balancing your health with your job can be difficult and finding the time to work out may not always be easy. So what if you only have time to fit in a quick workout? Should you focus on resistance training or cardio?

If want to zero in on one component, check to see what your goals really are. Strength training will help build lean muscle mass and burn fat mass. It will help burn calories even when you are done with your workout and help provide strength and stability to your body. You may even see more weight loss with a focus on strength training since it helps to boost your metabolic rate!
Cardio exercise gets you sweating, increases your heart rate, improves lung capacity and can make you feel better from taking some time out of the day to unwind which can ultimately lower blood pressure and increase productivity.

The good news… You can still fit in both by combining the two into a circuit style workout. An example of this would be making a circuit out of squats, push ups, plank and jump rope. Working in a circuit format like this will keep the heart rate up as well as provide both the strength and the cardio aspects! As long as you get moving during a portion of your day you can improve your health!

What is your preference?