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The revolutionary program to slow, stop and even reverse coronary artery disease.

Whether you have had a heart attack, bypass surgery, a stent or have other vascular disease, the problem is atherosclerosis, also known as plaque.  Plaque doesn’t happen in just one spot.  It’s a disease of the entire circulatory system.  Without the right treatment it will continue to get worse, eventually leading to another medical crisis or invasive intervention.

The good news is that with the right treatment plan, you can actually reverse your plaque and dramatically reduce your risk for heart attacks, strokes or the need for another stent or surgery.

CardiaResQ is a revolutionary program directed by renowned Cardiologist Dr John Rumberger, a pioneer in non-invasive Cardiac Imaging.

The scientific evidence is clear that the right lifestyle program can reverse cardiovascular disease.  But virtually all those programs are a “one size fits all” approach that requires drastic changes in your diet and other lifestyle changes that most people find unacceptable or impossible to fit into their lives.  CardiaResQ is individually tailored to find your optimal program to treat  your plaque.

The Technology

CardiaResQ uses state of the art cardiovascular imaging technology to painlessly and non-invasively measures the amount of plaque in your arteries.

By following the actual measurement of the volume of plaque in your arteries over time, their team of experts can adjust the intensity of your treatment plan to lower your risk with the minimum disruption in your lifestyle.

We work with you to find the right treatment plan and a lifestyle you can still enjoy that lowers your cardiovascular risk.

Normal Coronary Artery
Calcified Plaque
Calcified Plaque
Volume Measurement
Coronary Plaque Volume
The Program

CardiaResQ is the ultimate in Cardiovascular Personalized Medical Care.  Our unique approach includes:

  • Directly Measuring Your Plaque– CardiaResQ uses the latest technology, including Cardiac CT Angiography and Endothelial Function Testing, to non-invasively measure the amount of plaque in your arteries and the health of your cardiovascular system.
  • Advanced Bio-Markers– We use the latest bio-markers to assess the causes of inflammation that drive plaque formation and to measure your response to the changes you are making.
  • Individualized Treatment Plans – Our leading experts design your individualized nutrition, fitness and pharmacologic plan to treat the underlying causes of your cardiovascular disease.
  • On-Going Care– Our Exercise Physiologists and Registered Dietitians work with you throughout the year to help you implement your plan and achieve success.
  • Follow Your Plaque– Periodically checking your cholesterol or stress test won’t detect progression of your plaque until it is too late to prevent another crisis. Your CardiaResQ program will determine whether you are reversing your plaque or need to change your treatment.

With CardiaResQ you can start turning back the clock on your plaque and make cardiovascular disease a part of your past.

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