Cardiac CT Level 2 Training Course

An intensive hands-on Cardiac CT course for Cardiologists and Radiologists

This 4 1/2 day course is an intensive, hands-on program designed to teach Cardiologists and Radiologists how to perform and rapidly interpret Cardiac CT Angiography.  Participants receive individualized instruction on  3-D workstations manipulating and interpreting 150 or more cases, including 50 live contrast and non-contrast studies performed during the course. The course is designed to fulfill the criteria for ACC Level II Credentialing. Participants will receive documentation that they have performed 150 interpretations including 50 live studies. A self-assessment test with additional cases is also available at the completion of the course.

This course is a small group tutorial for cardiologists and radiologists and assumes that the physician will have little or negligible experiences with Cardiac CT scanning. Participants will have direct, hands-on experience manipulating and interpretting cases with no more than 2 students per workstation.

You will learn CTA Interpretation from Dr. John Rumberger, recognized as one of the world’s leading authority on cardiac and vascular imaging. Dr. Rumberger has published nearly 500 scientific papers and book chapters on Cardiac Imaging and was a pioneer in the development of Coronary Calcium Scans as Professor of Medicine and Consultant in the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases at the Mayo Clinic. Using Dr. Rumberger multi-phase, volume-based CTA interpretation methods, you will learn how to read accurately and completely read a CTA study in just minutes.

Our courses offer an student-to-teacher ratio of 5:1 so you have highly individualized instruction with our highly qualified faculty.

Most courses are offered over weekends (Wed-Sun) to minimize the time away from your practice.

Our lecture series complements the workstation training.  These sessions will provide you  with an understanding of the principles of CT Scanning and how images are acquired and processed.  Lecture topics also include proper patient selection and preparation, avoiding imaging pitfalls, post-processing images to correct problems and handling complicated cases.  Discussions will also focus on the organizational aspects of creating a cardiac imaging center including set up, operations, finance, billing and marketing.

In short, our Intensive Level II Training Course will take you from CTA neophyte to a competent and confident CTA reader with just a minimal amount of time away from your practice.