Cardiac AI

Your Gateway to a Healthier Future

Princeton Longevity Center was the first longevity program to combine cutting-edge Cardiac AI technology with expert treatment plans to take control of your cardiac health to help prevent your heart attack years before it happens. As the leaders in preventive health, we employed groundbreaking AI technology before it became mainstream to help our patients detect disease before it becomes a problem. We have pioneered the space through the integration of Cleerly Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cardiac imaging.

But it’s not just about AI or the technology of the day, it’s our team of experts. Our medical team is not only highly trained and experienced, but they have also TAUGHT the interpretation of cardiac imaging to hundreds of cardiologists and radiologists. This makes Princeton Longevity Center the clear leader who reads and interprets AI data to create a path to prevention and ultimately peace of mind for our patients with cardiac risk concerns.

Not Only the First in Cardiac AI but the Leader in Cardiac Imaging, AI & Preventive Medicine Planning

We take pride in being the first longevity center in the United States Cleerly AI choose to introduce its technology in cardiac imaging. This revolutionary AI-enabled care allows us to perform highly-detailed examinations of coronary arteries following a Coronary CT Angiography. Our AI technology can accurately quantify and characterize your Coronary Artery Disease, enabling our team to tailor a personalized treatment plan, identifying any issues more accurately and efficiently and ultimately significantly reducing your risk of heart attack or heart disease.

Discovery Cleerly

Beyond AI - People Matter

Our focus extends beyond AI technology; we understand that medical expertise and human touch play an equally vital role in preventive medicine. At Princeton Longevity Center, you’ll be under the care of a dedicated team of experienced, American-trained, credentialed, Preventive Health Physicians, Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietitians, Nurses, and Patient Care Coordinators. Our experts work together to provide individualized attention and personalized care tailored to your unique health needs.

Our reputation as one of the country’s top centers for a Comprehensive or Executive Physical Exam by the Wall Street Journal and Forbes speaks to the exceptional level of care we deliver.

For Over 20 years, the Princeton Longevity Center has been the Leader in Preventive Medicine and Longevity.

The PLC Exam combines the most advanced AI and other technologies with caring experts who take the time to fully evaluate your health. Since our founding, we have saved thousands of lives by helping patients avoid insidious diseases before they happen, including early cancers, heart disease, aneurysms, and the “silent killers” that are often missed in a typical physical exam or in routine blood tests. 

We powerfully combine the latest diagnostic, screening, and medical imaging technologies with world-class physicians to assess the state of your health. Our proactive approach to preventative medicine and premature aging will allow our patients to avoid disease and put them on the road to better health and wellness for years to come.