Cancer Check Program

Princeton Longevity Center’s goal is to help you learn what risks are at stake for your overall health, and to help you better prepare to address them, including many types of cancer.

40% of people will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime, most of which may never notice any telltale signs and discover that their diagnosis has surprised them. But with modern medical technology available at Princeton Longevity Center, we have the means to screen for and detect cancer, as well as determine your risk to take that painful surprise out of the equation.

The Cancer Check Program includes our best options for early cancer detection and a personalized cancer screening, which allow us to make your cancer screening hyper-individualized, but to also to detect signs of cancer early when treatment may be more effective. Hereditary Cancer Gene testing allows us to individualize your cancer surveillance program. The Multi-Cancer Detection Test can pick up the earliest stages of more than 50 cancer types while treatment may be more effective.

The Program:

  • Multi-Cancer Detection Blood Test
    • Allows for the detection of more than 50 cancer types