Busy schedule? Traveling often? The Peloton Cycle may be your solution!

Are you finding it difficult to fit a workout into your busy work schedule? I have good news! What if you were able to get an amazing workout right in the convenience of your own home? Well, now it’s possible with the Peloton Cycle!  This smart, sturdy bike (introduced in 2013) has been getting a lot of hype recently because it’s changing the lives of so many busy working individuals who are on a time constraint.


What is the Peloton Cycle?

It’s a spin bike designed for your home, making it possible to take a spin class without having to go out to the gym! This smart indoor exercise bike has Wi-Fi connection with a 22-inch HD touchscreen display. Don’t worry, the screen is sweat proof!  Cyclists can stream 14 live spin classes daily or access more than 4,000 classes “on demand,” which were previously filmed. Imagine rolling out of bed and taking a spin class without the process of driving to the gym? It sure cuts down the time!

Why is this bike so popular?

These highly energetic instructors try to broadcast the energy of the room to the world. These 45 minute classes are very motivating and encouraging with the music blasting and the trainer yelling at you-motivationally of course! If you don’t like the trainer, no problem, you can pick a different one! The trainers make the classes fun which makes the time fly by! You can also compete with people by adding your username-this has been a popular feature for motivation!

Want to try it before you buy it? Good news! These spin classes are broadcasted live from New York City, where Peloton maintains a flagship studio. You can actually visit the Peloton studio, join a spin class and try out the bike to see if this is the right modality for you!

Do you travel often for work?

Peloton has teamed up with Westin to offer their state-of-the art bikes at select hotels across the U.S.! Next time you are scheduled to travel-see if they have this available near you!

How much does it cost?

You can own a Peloton Cycle for $1,995. However, there is a subscription fee of $39/month (which includes unlimited streaming rides, both live and on-demand) in order to continue taking spin classes.

Interested? See what other people are saying about the Peloton Cycle by checking out their reviews online!  https://www.pelotoncycle.com