Beyond The Orange :: 5 Foods To Power Up On Vitamin C

5 Foods With More Vitamin C Than An Orange

When you think about Vitamin C what is the first food that comes to mind…oranges perhaps? While oranges and other citrus fruits contain a healthy dose of Vitamin C, there are in fact plenty of other foods that contain just as much, if not more. Read of for five examples of foods that contain more Vitamin C (70mg) than 1 medium orange!


1 Green or Red Bell Pepper



1 Cup of Whole Strawberries



2 Small Kiwis



1 Cup of Pineapple



1 Cup of Broccoli 


Vitamin C Facts:

  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that guards against potentially harmful reactions that take place within the cells of our bodies.  it also plays a role in supporting our immune system.
  • Despite its, reputation, there isn’t sufficient evidence that Vitamin C can prevent you from getting the common cold but it may shorten its duration
  • Many people take vitamin C in very high doses to prevent or treat different conditions despite inconsistent evidence actually proving that to be true.  The Recommended Dietary Allowance including both foods and supplements is around 75mg for adult women and 90mg for adult men.  Avoid taking more than 2,000mg per day.