Beginner Interval Training

Aerobic exercise is not only important for general health and heart health, but also fat burning!

There is  a particular style of aerobic training called, “High Intensity Interval Training”, or H.I.I.T. for short.

The idea of H.I.I.T. is to do longer lengths of low to moderate intensity exercise, paired with a shorter spurt of vigorous bouts of exercise. An example could be: 15-18 reps of strength training with a 60 second bout of high intensity cardio. You could also try 2-3 minutes of low intensity cardio paired with 1-2 minutes of  high intensity cardio. You will ultimately burn more fat, and total calories with this technique!

Here is an easy beginner workout that you could do with nothing but time and your body weight!

1) Knee Hits

Stand tall, march your knees high to your chest, and meet the elbows down to the knees for 60 seconds

2) Air Squats

Extend arms out in front for counter-balance, sit hips back as if sitting in chair, keep chest and spine tall and straight, and squeeze the glutes to rise back to full standing, 15-18 reps.

3) Mountain Climbers

Get into plank position on ground or against elevation, extended arms under shoulders, walk knees up to arms or run knees up to arms, 60 seconds

4) Bench Push-Ups

Keep core tight, place hands shoulder width apart on bench, lower about 2-3″ from bench, squeeze chest and push whole body back up to full extension on the arms, 15-18 reps

5) Dead Bugs

Lay on back, neck resting on floor whole time, lift bent leg to opposite hand and cycle through, keeping core tight for 60 seconds

6) Bent Over Row

Keep core tight, hinge at hips to lean chest parallel with floor, pull dumbbells up to mid-back, driving the elbows up to the ceiling, 15-18 reps

7) Medicine Ball Chest Throws

Take medicine ball and hold it to the middle of chest, elbows out to the side, thrust ball forward directly in front to wall and let it bounce back, catch to middle of chest, 60 seconds

8) Glute Bridges

Lay on back, with feet shoulder width apart on ground, extend hips into air, lower slowly, 15-18 reps



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